We offer years of experience in cultural and commercial creation,
particularly in the fields of
Culture and Action

 In practical terms, this means our clients come to us for the creation, development and/or execution of their creative and commercial endeavors.
This translates into consulting, identity and copywriting,
films, photography, books & editorial.

Sometimes we are called in at the root of a project,
sometimes we create content for existing concepts or targeted campaigns. 

Having run, consulted for, or collaborated with many companies and creatives,
we have a holistic understanding of our field and our client's needs.

Because we are a boutique studio, we have the flexibility
and reactivity required to put this understanding into execution.
Part of the joy in this structure is the chance it gives us to work on projects
big and small.

We also write, develop and produce
work of our own
under the name Cascade.





Cascade resources

Directors   |   Visual Artists   |   Photographers   |   Writers
Art & Creative Direction
Pre-Production   |   Production   |   Post-Production & VFX
Music   |   Sound Design   |   Mixing

In house Editing Suite   |   In house Sound Studio