Russell Houghten



 RED   |   Volcom   | New Balance   |   Huf



Red | Urban Isolation

Vans | This is Era x Dough Boy

Awol Nation | Passion

Short Film | The Dylan

Awol Nation | Handyman

New Balance | A place in the Sun

New Balance | Sunland

Transword Skateboarding | Open Horizon

Short Film | Fisheye

Monster | Curren Caples

New Balance | Sankhara

Short Film | Pools


New Balance | Quids In

New Balance | NB 868

Lilacs | So dark a Train

New Balance | Pinnytown

Gravis | Quarters Ix


Lush light, deep shadows and fresh colours permeate Russell Houghten’s universe. 
A drone master, he is capable of amplifying space and movement but also of capturing intimate, personal moments.
His frames are composed and light is rendered in all it’s glory for the most cinematic feel.