Patrik Wallner



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Vans | This is Era x Tony Alva

Vans | This is Era x Dough Boy

Vans | This is Era x Xiao Ji

Visual Traveling | Turkmenistan

Red Bull | Under the African Capricorn

Red Bull | The Rajput Ride

Red Bull | The lost Continent

Red Bull | The Kazakhstan Triangle

Red Bull | Melodies for the Lemurs

Red Bull | The Curry Connection

Transword | Cinematography Project

The Edge of Arabia




National Geogrpahic - Skate the World











The first things that hit you when you set eyes on a Patrik Wallner picture are his incredible mastery of colour, his loving eye for detail, and perfect timing.
He elevates everything he sees, so that the romantic aspect of his work actually ads to the viewer’s sense of reality.
Each image looks and feels like a heightened world you can believe exists.