Niki Waltl



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DOP Showreel

Greissmann | Markus' Kostbarkeiten

Griesmann | Christophs Kostbarkeiten

Favre Leuba | Conquering Frontiers

Man | Kahlbacher

Exploring Kyrgystan in Winter

Converse | CONS

Element | Timber

Element | Wolfeboro

Element | Keith Haring

Element | Jarne Verburggen

Element | Fernando Elvira

Niki Waltl is an exceptionally versatile DOP who is in love with his craft. His curiosity and warmth permeate his cinematography.

The way he zones in on motion, interaction, and action creates atmosphere and captures the viewer. He zones into his subjects an immerses himself in them and their story, their idiosyncracies.
His images leave you with the feeling of being part of the story he is telling.