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This ain't California - Feature Film


A feature-length coming of age film posing as a documentary, This ain’t California is a joyride of a movie and a perfect exploration of form. As we are taken down a group of friend's trail of memories, we discover their youth as teenage skateboarders in the GDR. Through a collage of historical, fabricated, and animated film, Persiel delivers a thrilling and deep exploration of self determination, official narrative, and personal history.



Search for the Woooo



Firefox - Control



The way we were - In production


Described as a “documentary fairytale from the future” The way we were is a political piece of poetry dedicated to planet Earth. It opens on heart-wrenchingly realistic apocalyptic visions, served by stunning imagery. Persiel's protagonist, mirroring his own fears and process, throws himself into a filmed investigation of "what happened”. Through his protagonist's tour of what was, Persiel’s goal is clear- to inspire action and help protect this world,
before it is destroyed.

"I am personally very happy that we are able to support and promote
Marten's creative work with this grant.  His Screenwriting really impressed us a lot.  Marten Persiel uses innovative paths and narrative forms to transport his vision."

– Wim Wenders




VW Arteon - Traffic Controller



The History of Steep Skiing

Sound of the Void



Germina Speeder - Advert



Volkswagen - Il Cubo


Award-winning Wim Wenders scholar Marten Piersel
originally learned his trade from Toni Grisoni,
Terry Gilliam’s screenwriter.
A multi-hyphenated talent, his vision and execution
as a Director are truly unique and exceptionally complete:
he has written, and even and scored,
many of his projects himself.
A master of contrasts, Marten can delve deeply
into a character within seconds through
his dynamic relationship to context, time and space.
He writes in German as well as in English.