Lil Internet



 Adidas  |   Beyoncé   |   Vogue   |   Boys Noize   |   Nike



Nike | Blazer

Adidas | Yung Series


Beyoncé | No Angel

Nike | Airmax 720

Skrillex | Dirty Vibe ft. Diplo, CL & G-Dragon

Cro | Ft. Wyclef Jean

Boys Noize | (Snowden O.S.T.)

Diplo Ft. Nicky Da B | Express Yourself

Buddy | Hey Up There Ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Boys Noize | Starchild Ft. Poliça

Brooke Candy | A Study in Duality

Vogue | Paris Fashion Week

Buddy | Trouble on Central

Iggy Azalea | Mo Bounce

An American thinker and feeler
who first made his mark as a musician
and music video director, Lil Internet
is a long-time Berlin resident,
enthusiastically partaking in
the wild west that is content production
in a digital age.
Driven by culture, be it broad or niche,
Lil enjoys fully immersing himself,
the better to cut through the noise.