Ariane Spanier



Phaidon  |  The New York Times  |  The Washington Post  |  Wired
Time  |  Greenpeace Magazine
Christoph Niemann   |   National Theater Mannheim Orchestra  |   Europan Norway
Kunstmuseen Krefeld  |  Berlin Communication Museum




Stock Fiction - 100 for 10
A meta story only using stock photo language, a typographic story through unintended poetry.



2019/20 Mannheim National Theater Academy
Concert Series Posters



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2019/20 Mannheim National Theater Academy
Concert Series Online Animations
Graphic and online Identity, Website




The A-Z of Gravity's End
A book with floating images for artists Björn Hegardt & Theo Ågren
about their artistic research on the subjects of gravity and levitation.





2015 Europan Norway Architecture Competition
"Productive Cities"
Graphic profile for the 15th edition of the architecture competition.





2019 Madrid COP Climate Change Conference
Bleached coral lettering






Book design for New York’s Lower Eastside restaurants
Contra and Wildair
by wunderkind chefs Fabián van Hauske and Jeremiah Stone.




Catalogue for the final degree show for Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo (KHiO).




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Ariane Spanier is a Berlin-based graphic designer,
typographer and animator.

Rigorous yet playful, her esthetic
is strongly based in concept, which she lightens
through unexpected,
sometimes analog execution.

Spanier also designs and co-edits
 cult drawing magazine FUKT.

Spanier is a member of the
AGI Alliance Graphique Internationale.